Rosenkönigin - Rose Queen

Composer: Roland Baumgartner 

Interpreter:Romantic Theater 

Label: Creative Music Label 

Release Date: 29/12/2015 

Price: by external download

Music Information to the Wine:

The present wine was made with the music of the composer Roland Baumgartner with the song of the "Rose Princess"from his operetta the "ROSENKÖNIGIN" sonicated. You can listen to and download the entire music album via the forwarding

Below is the content of the operetta:

Hans Liebermann, who comes from a wealthy family, has gone bankrupt through stock speculation that his banker has persuaded him to do, and now he does not get any credit as his banker says he can not handle money. So Hans turns to his old friend Ferry, who runs a partner agency and separation agency, this has the great idea to marry Hans with a millionaire and thus to prevent his financial downfall.There are three candidates in his file, a Texas oil millionaire, an Italian mafia daughter and a Russian oligarch. All three should meet Hans, who of course should decide for the richest. 
The Postillion d'Amour is to be played by the flower girl who is supposed to deliver a bouquet of roses and an invitation to each of these three millionaires. Anni the Rose Saleswoman is to ask the three rich brides in spe delayed to a rendezvous. There she happens a probably wanted mishap. She orders the three at the same time as meeting Hans. Now begins a fatal mess and an incredible humorous confusion that ends with the fact that Hans has long had a crush on the rose seller, not the millionaires, but his rose queen marries. And as fate does, he comes financially back on his feet.

The Following Wines Were Sonicated With This Music:

Grüner Veltliner 2017

Vintner: W.Baumgartner

Origin: Austria, Lower Austria, Weinviertel

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Zweigelt 2017

Vintner: W.Baumgartner

Origin: Austria, Lower Austria, Weinviertel

Alcohol: 13,5 % vol.


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