Chardonnay 2017

Spirituosi, Souvenir Latino

Artists: Ensemble Spiri

Vintner:: Bernd Kornherr

Origin: Austria, Lower Austria, Weinviertel

Food Pairings: goes perfect with lightly cooked
shellfish like crab and prawns, steamed or grilled fish, fish pâtés,
fish, chicken or vegetable terrines and pasta or risotto with spring
vegetables.Also good with oysters.

Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.

Taste: Dry, full-bodied wine with high acid content, ripe apples, floral on the palate Treat this wine like a good old white wine and give it enough air to breathe, only then you have the full taste

Consumer End Price: USD 19,90 + Tax

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This Wine Has Been Sonicated By:

Spirituosi - Souvenir Latino


Angel Cabral, Marguerite Monnot, Edith Piaf, Gabriel Faurré, Sully Prudhomme, Paul Verlaine, Chabuca Granda, Francisco A. Simó Damirón, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Julio a. Hernándes, Johann Sebastian Bach, C´Damien Lancelle, Bienvenido Brens, Sérgio Assad, Carlos Guastavino

Ensemble Spirituosi
Nathalia Peña Comas, Soprano
Evelyn Peña Comas, Flute
Nicole Peña Comas, Cello
Damien Lancelle, Guitar
Gonzalo Manrique, Guitar                                                                                                             


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